Initiative for a national robotics movement

National robotics world unites in Holland Robotics

Initiative for a national robotics movement

Eindhoven, 20 March 2017 – On Wednesday 22 February at National Sports Centre Papendal, an important step was taken towards a national robotics movement. Following an initiative by the branche organisation High Tech NL, five leading players from industry and six scientific institutions have reached an agreement about extensive cooperation in this field. This resulted in the national collaboration agreement Holland Robotics, which must ensure optimum use of the robotics knowledge in the Netherlands. The aim: to consolidate the international competitive position.

Holland Robotics is a national robotics community that aims to take the national collaboration between science, industry and robotics entities to the next level. With High Tech NL functioning as a catalyst, the four technical universities, the Free University Amsterdam and the University of Groningen have joined forces with the major industrial parties DEMCON, VDL Enabling Technologies Group, Philips, Lely and Vanderlande Industries. “This is only the first phase in joining the national robotics world”, according to Willem Endhoven, managing director of High Tech NL. “Another dozen industrial parties are set to join and we are open to all parties that wish to contribute to this initiative.” Arthur de Crook, co-initiator and managing director of the international robotics platform RoboValley adds: “Holland Robotics will ensure a better link between all robotics activities in the Netherlands and we are very pleased about this. This should result in a dynamic exchange of ideas and initiatives in the field of technology and talent. We are happy to use the strengths of RoboValley to support and endorse this initiative, this collaboration at a national level.”

Robotics platform with a clear focus

Holland Robotics is not the first initiative to offer a robotics platform for Dutch high-tech companies and knowledge institutes. In the past, RoboNED facilitated the meetings between these parties, but this stalled due to a lack of cooperation. High Tech NL has taken the initiative to breathe new life into the idea behind RoboNED. “Holland Robotics specifically aims to meet the needs of the scientific community”, according to Maarten Steinbuch, scientific director of the High Tech Systems Center at TU Eindhoven. “It is important for the legacy of RoboNED to gain new momentum and for us to create a scientific innovation agenda at a national level.” Dennis Schipper, managing director at DEMCON, agrees with this on behalf of the industry partners. “Thanks to this platform, the industry has a serious technology road map to take the lead in placing the future of robotics in the Netherlands on the agenda.”

On the road to multi-annual research programmes

Under the name Holland Robotics, science and industry will from now on present a united front, both nationally and internationally. “Everyone retains their own identity, but also forms part of a national robotics platform”, according to Endhoven. “We want to include all parties and initiatives in this process. By joining forces and supporting each other, participants can present a strong profile in the Netherlands and in other countries. It is important that we inform and facilitate each other and follow the Smart Industry road map, in conjunction with IT and education.” Holland Robotics will also pave the way towards an official research consortium for scientists and industry. Endhoven: “This will create multi-annual research programmes in areas of application that are important to the high-tech industry. By combining science and industry, we can achieve successful innovations that will result in more international business.”

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