In RoboValley, more than 170 robotics researchers from a multitude of fields collaborate with other experts, entrepreneurs and decision-makers in both public and private sectors. As a result, a unique network is thriving, with TU Delft Robotics Institute at its heart. This allows RoboValley to take a leading role in the development of the next generation robotics.

Being at the forefront of the development of robotics has several advantages. Next to economic growth, the most important one is that this new generation of robotics can contribute to addressing major societal problems. Climate change, aging societies, growing world population and food shortage: these are issues which can be solved by robotics.

Due to TU Delft Robotics Institute, robotics research is no longer fragmented around separate academic faculties. The RoboValley programme team makes sure companies can find and make use of the available knowledge. In RoboValley, all the key players in robotics are connected to each other, which accelerates the growth of the industry.

The RoboValley programme team helps companies or start-ups that want to settle in Delft. We do so by connecting companies with automation wishes to the right experts. We help attract investors: via the RoboValley Investment Fund we offer venture capital and accelerated paths to the market for the most promising robotics technologies.

Finally, we help companies and researchers in RoboValley to receive exposure and visibility. Companies that are settled in RoboValley love the fact that they can encounter the employees of other robotics companies in the hallway and discuss problems. Because RoboValley is all about communication: knowing each other’s activities and being facilitated in cooperation.

RoboValley is founding partner van Holland Robotics.
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