Many organisations want to raise productivity and wellbeing in the workplace. RoboHouse offers a range of workshops, courses and practical programmes for improving the way that humans and robots work together.

Demand for better people-machine collaboration is growing, as a range of robotics technologies are close to commercialisation. Think of robots that can handle a variety of unknown objects, and work side-by-side with humans. How can these technologies improve working life?

We are a community and place on the TU Delft Campus where high-end robotics solutions for organisations are being developed, often by people who would normally not work together in this fashion.

RoboHouse actively pursues diversity and surprise. Our Test Centre and facilities are independent and open to all researchers, developers, workers and innovators with an interest in the future of work.

Want full access to the latest cognitive robotics innovations ? Want to improve productivity and wellbeing in the workplace? Apply for membership or inquire about partnership options.

RoboHouse is founding partner of Holland Robotics.

Contact person:
Jaimy Siebel

Julianalaan 67
2628 BC Delft

Telephone: +31 (0)15 760 1600

Educational & Research Facilities and Organizations, Robotics Startup company
Bestuur, Community, Founding partner
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