Radarxense BV

Radarxense is a radar system/module company. We develop hard- and software for numerous radar applications. The roots of the company are in traffic radar but nowadays a larger span of markets is covered, namely:

  • Anti-collision radar (trucks, forklifts, AGV’s)
  • Traffic enforcement and monitoring
  • Industrial, level measurement, safety systems
  • Presence detection, surveillance and perimeter security
  • Marine short-range radar

We acquired significant expertise in various frequency bands, from short-range UWB (3.1-10.6 GHZ), 24 GHz ISM band, up to high-resolution automotive radar (77-81 GHz).

Olaf Biezeman, Director/owner of Radarxense:
"We have become a member of High Tech NL to get connected with companies that want to use radar technology but don’t have the specialist knowledge required to integrate radar into their applications.
We can cooperate on many levels, and we are looking forward to solving challenges that companies encounter to make their systems safer, smarter and more efficient.”

Radarxense BV
Kwekerijweg 2A
3709 JA Zeist

Telefoon: 030-3074422
Website: www.radarxense.com

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