Quasset B.V.

Applying a modern and pragmatic asset management approach, Quasset supports organizations in multiple sectors to optimize the balance between cost, performance and risks of capital-intensive infrastructure, such as water distribution systems, roads, pipelines, and petrochemical plants.

Quasset offers both process design and improvement, providing advanced solutions for asset analysis, reporting, field data capture, and investment and risk forecasting, as well as innovative digital tooling based on 3D, virtual and augmented reality technologies.

Innovation management is central at Quasset. Since its inception, Quasset has been part of numerous joint industry projects, pulling the value chain together to help companies accelerate their progress and create a competitive advantage. The launch of Quasset Test Facility (QTF) provides companies with independent 3rd party assessments of technology in a highly flexible and relevant testing environment, enabling service providers to move more rapidly towards digitalization in the industry.

With an in-house international multidisciplinary team of experts complemented by a large partner network of leading organizations, Quasset excels in bringing together expertise from different fields to provide advanced and innovative solutions. By converting strategic concepts into practical impact, organizations can make investment decisions that directly generate value.

Our strengths:

Domain knowledge – Multidisciplinary team of experts – Collaborative – Practical application of new innovations – Reliable and trustworthy – Agile

Solutions for the following markets:

Oil & Gas – Chemical – Infrastructure – Water – Energy

Services and Solutions:

Asset Management Consultancy – Q-Pro Tooling – Innovation Management – Quasset Test Facility (QTF) – AssetBuilder – Quasset Academy

Quasset BV
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