Odd.Bot B.V.

Odd.Bot B.V.
Contact person: Martijn Lukaart; martijn@odd.bot

Odd.Bot B.V.
Yes!Delft Den Haag
Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104

Website: https://www.odd.bot/

The ‘Weed Whacker’ is Odd.Bot’s first robotic solution. It stands for smart & sustainable weeding for farmlands. The robot provides a higher yield with less manual labour for organic farmers and is a sustainable alternative for (potentially) harmful chemicals.

The robots can be utilized via its Robot-as-a-Service offering and can be hired to clean any field of 5+ hectare. The intelligent robot -or robots- can detect both the weeds and crops already in an early stage and autonomously remove the weeds mechanically, specifically in the crop rows in-between the crops.

Its biggest differentiators:

  • sustainability: an alternative for (potential) harmful chemicals
  • versatility: the spacing between the crops may vary
  • resilience: it is highly adaptive and lightweight, which reduces soil compaction


Robotics Startup company
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