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Today’s challenges in the field of maintenance in rivers, harbors and sea are complex and ask for a multidisciplinary approach. Aquatic Drones is part of the Holding Company ‘Technology for Human Progress’ which main goal is to develop sustainable solutions in open collaboration with technical frontrunners, customers and development partners. To bring economic and ecologic goals both in balance. We manifest the highest value for human progress. Sustainable, Safe & Smart.

Aquatic Drones are maritime robots that collect data autonomously:

  • Multi-use surface vessel with a wide range of sensors
  • Autonomous operating system with object detection and avoidance
  • Data analytics, interpretation and predictive maintenance models

In current situation

  • There is a great need for maintenance data, but the costs are high
  • Most application areas demand not one but multiple data collection
  • Water authorities and industries do not always have full insight in the effects of interventions in maintenance and the underlying causes

Areas of application

Inspection & monitoring of:

  • Hydrographic surveys (bathymetry)
  • Quays, dams, locks, bridges
  • Surveillance
  • Water quality & sampling
  • And more

Systems & Sensors

  • Lithium Ion Batteries with battery management system
  • Onshore monitoring system
  • Navigation systems: Radar: ship up to swimmer detection, AIS: Automatic Identification System, Data communication to shore, Cameras: short distance calculation, GPS: up to 2 cm / 0,78” accurate and Failback system: far reaching safety

Survey sensors

  • Single or Multibeam Echosounder
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Sound Velocity Profiler
  • Sound Velocity Sensor
  • Cameras: infrared, day & night vision
  • Sensors for water quality
  • Motion & Heading Sensors
  • Survey data processing
  • Inspection data processing
  • And more…

Aquatic Drones
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