TAROS Conference 2017

Toward Autonomous Robotics Systems (TAROS) Conference

TAROS Conference 2017

The University of Surrey’s Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences are pleased to be hosting The 18th Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems (TAROS) Conference.

TAROS-2017 is aimed at the presentation and discussion of the latest results and methods in autonomous robotics research and applications. The event includes an academic conference, industry exhibitions, robot demonstrations and other satellite events.

Call for papers and exhibitions

TAROS is a platform for RAS researchers from worldwide, and welcomes paper submissions on a wide range of topics related to the principles and practice of robotics. TAROS also invites organizations such as universities, research institutes, SMEs and industrial companies to participate as an exhibitor.


  • Keynote lectures, given by world leaders in AI robotics from Google, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and UK Atomic Energy Authority.
  • Oral presentations, covering topics of swarm and multi-robotic systems, human-robot interaction, robotic learning and imitation, robot navigation, planning and safety, soft and reconfigurable robots, service and industrial robots.
  • Poster presentations, covering topics of humanoid & bio-inspired robots, mobile robots & vehicles, robot design and testing, detection & recognition, learning & adaptive behaviours, human-robot & robot-robot interaction.
  • Industrial and academic exhibition stands and live demos.
  • IET-sponsored evening lecture on 1st European Mars rover given by Airbus.

TAROS-2017 is a featured event of the UK Robotics Week 2017.

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