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Robotics Technology Symposium

Explore, experience, connect

The field of robotics is a rapidly advancing field of technology that is increasingly impacting our day-to-day lives, our society and the way we do and advance business. The availability of low-cost computational power, low-cost and high quality sensors, machine learning techniques and open-source software has led to a boost in autonomous capabilities of robotic systems; having autonomous cars and collaborative robots as prime examples.

Robotics incorporates and combines many different fields of research like mechatronics, embedded systems engineering, data sciences, machine learning and human technology studies. It is at these intersections where innovation can be fostered and accelerated. The High Tech Systems Center takes a leading role in connecting people and creating multi-disciplinary projects together with industry.

On the 24th of January 2019, Eindhoven University of Technology will open its doors to everyone interested in the future of robotics, with in-depth technical and scientific presentations, live demonstrations and a Tech Square that allows you to easily connect with fellow enthusiasts from university and industry. The full program and registration will become available in November.

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