Day of the Exoskeleton

Day of the Exoskeleton

Day of the Exoskeleton

In logistics, maintenance, construction, and manufacturing, heavy work still frequently occurs. Exoskeletons supporting the worker are not yet widely applied. But this may change in the near future.

You are invited for the exclusive Day of the Exoskeleton, organized by i-Botics. The Joint Innovation Centre for Interaction Robotics, i-Botics, is founded by TNO and University Twente.

During this afternoon you will be informed about the ‘state-of-the-art’ of exoskeletons, potential short and long term advantages that exoskeletons provide, and new developments in the technology. Moreover, four exoskeletons will be physically present!


13.00: Opening, Peter Werkhoven – TNO
13.05: Potential use and impact of exoskeletons in industry, Michiel de Looze – TNO
13.30: New developments in exoskeletons and exosuits, Herman van der Kooij – University Twente
13.55: Short introductory pitches on the exoskeletons to be demonstrated
14.15: Demonstration of exoskeletons, Laevo (Laevo B.V.), Chairless Chair (Noonee), RoboMate (German Bionic Systems, Instituto Italiano di Technologia), Skelex (Skel-Ex B.V.)
15.30: Plenary discussion, Arjen de Jong and Frank Krause – TNO
16.00: Networking
17.00: End

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